Detailing Centre

Whether you’re coming to us for a vehicle service or an oil-change, with our committed Honda-trained technicians, you can be confident that your vehicle is being checked for the latest product updates, worn components, fixed right the first time.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Appearance
However, did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its trim, rubber, paint, leather and other surfaces? Thanks to the committed Honda-trained technicians at our Honda detailing centre in Toronto, you can count on benefiting from the services of professional car detailing specialists to help protect your investment and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Experienced Honda Detailing Specialists
Our specialists in detailing your Honda or off-make vehicle perform a complete and meticulous detailing process that will enhance your vehicle’s appearance inside and out, as well as help to protect it from the harsh environmental conditions on today’s roads.

Advantageous Detailing Packages
We offer a variety of professional car detailing services that serves your needs. These packages range from hand car washes and minor paint restoration to carpet shampoo, interior detailing and fabric protection. It is essential that your vehicle is routinely serviced by our professionally trained detailers to keep your vehicle in great condition and help safeguard its value.

Enjoy that new-car feeling all over again. Give your vehicle that extra care and attention it deserves by protecting it against the environmental elements. For more information call us at 416-368-8181 or book your appointment directly online.